Blackpink's Lisa

The first K-Pop Girl group called the BLACKPINK has made a history by performing in the Coachella Festival. Their energy level and lively performance at the festival have been enjoyed and celebrated by BLINKS as well as all K-Pop and non K-Pop fans. The charisma and the on-stage performance of all the members of the BLACKPINK, especially Lisa, has strongly caught the attention of the viewers.

The festival of Coachella has provided the group with extra attention and exposure to the audiences of the United States. The exceptionally fierce performance of the band has been much praised, loved and appreciated. Those who were not aware of the K-Pop were found excited to know about the band, and particularly Lisa who now got popular by the phrase “girl with the bangs”. Huge number of people were left excited and eager to learn more about the extremely talented rapper and the dancer of the group called the BLACKPINK.

There were many fans of Lisa who enjoyed her dancing and singing performance to an extent where they placed her alongside the likes of Ariana Grande and Rihanna right away. This wonderful experience got Lisa extremely grateful. She expressed her gratitude in front of the crowd for giving her a chance to perform at the festival of Coachella. The unique girl group called the BLACKPINK has a plan to embark on its journey across the North America. They will be there for the rest of the month. This journey is actually a part of their “In Your Area” World Tour of the year 2019.

Many comments from the people on Twitter have shown that how much they loved and enjoyed Lisa’s performance. And that Lisa has become their new heartthrob. Much love was shown by the audiences of America on all the social platforms in the discussion of the Coachella festival.

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