In England, the permits have been released for blue badge parking especially for the people with “hidden” disabilities “including mental health issues or autism etc.

The department for transport has issued a report saying that equal free parking rights will be given to people with non-physical disabilities.

Presently the rules for disabling do not openly reject the hidden disabilities but the interpretations from the councils may vary.

Similar changes have been seen in transport departments of Scotland and Wales.

Following extensions will be made to the blue badge scheme for non-physical disables in England.

  • Like people with autism and similar disease that are unable to make a journey excluding the risk of some serious harm to the safety and health.
  • People who face serious psychological distress in traveling
  • And also those who face significant difficulty in walking including both the physical action of walking and the experience of walking.

This is the list that will be further added to the already available scheme of blue badges.

In England, the blue badge scheme has been distributed to almost 2.4m disabled people.

This blue badge scheme was designed to offer free pay-and-display parking spaces across the United Kingdom and also it allows a free parking space in yellow lines for three hours in just ten euros, this was introduced in1970.

This scheme is not applicable to privately-run car parking spaces. Also not applicable to central London, in central London, the residents are required to get a special permit by applying for it.

Thousands of people who share the hidden disabilities

The transport minister Jesse Norman explained in an interview that the blue badge scheme is a support to the disabled people as it allows them to get the freedom and the strength to go to work and visit their friends independently, this change faced a consultation launch on January gathering a total of 6000 responses. A survey showed that three among four disabled individuals agrees that they would now, without the parking permits will go out less often

Irresistible anxiety

The director of the National Autistic Society “Jane Harris” says that this inclusion in the scheme will make a great difference in the lives of many disabled people and their families, as there are almost 600000 autistic individuals in England.

Autistic people go through a number of challenges every day for traveling which includes making extensive preparations and suffering that leads to overwhelming anxiety about the things that are out of their control.

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