Bobbi Kristina’s friend

In the reports surfacing up recently, Max Lomas, who was a close friend of Bobbi Kristina and the one who found her dead in the bathtub, has suffered from the same fate, as he dies from a drug overdose.

The law enforcement agencies in Mississippi states that Max was at a friend’s place on Wednesday. He went out to use the restroom and when he wasn’t back for a while, the friends were concerned. Upon checking up, they found Lomas unconscious on the floor in the bathroom. A syringe was present near his body. He was taken to the hospital immediately but it was a little too late as he died there.

Lomas was a significant character in the mysterious death of Bobbi Kristina. He was the one who found the daughter of Whitney Houston in the bathtub, lying lifeless. According to the sources, he spent a lot of time along with Bobbi and her boyfriend Gordon in the days that led up to her death. Some also suggest that he happens to be a drug dealer who was responsible for bringing the drugs for Gordon and Bobbi which he denied. He was also at the home of Bobbi Kristina in the hours that led up to her death.

However, Lomas was not sued for the death of Kristina in 2015. Instead, a law suit was filed against Gordon and the family won the civil suit for $36 million.


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