Netflixs Bodyguard

Netflix’s series Bodyguard became a huge success

The limited series Bodyguard has made people crazy since August. The key star of the series is Richard Madden who is shown as a troubled war veteran from Afghanistan who is on the mission to protect the Home Secretary Julia Montague played by Keeley Hawes. The creator Jed Mercurio who has previously been a former doctor and now turned to a TV writer was asked to reveal the show’s origin and the reason that why there won’t be the next season for this series now.  Entertainment Weekly asked him that how he got the idea for this series and he answered that he is the lover of thrillers and in U.K at first there was no thriller set for a long time and BBC also got excited when he pitched to them. He said that he was just trying to figure out the best way to project a story which leads him to the idea of protection unit and royalty, the diplomats and protecting them from the present external threats.

When he was asked about his idea to have his protagonist to have PTSD, he said that it was basically a part to the development of the character and he had looked to find several ways which could be used to be a one dimensional protector who really seems to be heroic from each aspect. He said that they just wanted to create a character that could play the role well against the politician and the ways which were selected was psychological trauma, instability and background history regarding UK military operations that were held in the Middle East. He was asked that he only wanted to do six episodes of the show and he answered it in positive that he found that to be the best way to keep the story fast-moving and dynamic and this was the best way to make it able to move from turns and twists. He said that there is lot of stories to go through but the stories which move fast are the good ones and that is the main thing which they wanted to give to the audience. He was also asked about the reason behind the casting of Richard Madden and he told that he had previously worked with him in the year 2015 so he decided to cast him because he was the very first to be on his mind while deciding about the caste and people really got too excited with the thought of meeting him.


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