Airlines Ground Boeing 737 8 Planes After The Recent Crash

India and European union have recently banned the Boeing 737 Max and now it can’t fly over the airspace of theirs to make sure that the passengers remain safer. On Sunday, there was an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed that had killed around 157 people who were on the board. This basically was a fatal accident that involved a number of 737 Max 8 Model to be there in even less than 5 months.

According to the statements of the US officials, these aircrafts are safe to fly.  However a call has been made by the US association of the flight attendance for the federal aviation administration so that it can now ground the 737 Max free in US for temporary purpose out of abundance for the cautions.

According to the India’s ministry of the civil aviation, it has been announced that they will ground the 737- Max Boeing planes on the immediate basis.  The statement they had given said that these planes would be grounded until some proper modifications have been made by them and unless several needed safety measures have been made by them to make sure of the safer operations. A similar decision was given by the EU aviation agency that said that this suspension of aircrafts by them is a precautionary measure. That day earlier, the civil aviation authority of UK gave a statement in which it said that they were to ban the plan which joined several other countries like China.  



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