Booker Prize winner Flights

Booker Prize winner Flights is a bizarre, surreal work of rare beauty: EW review

The international Man Book, Prize Winning Opus, the Olga Tokarcsuk has another title in its original buff, and that is Beiguni which is named after a sect of Slavic nomads, a fictional sect who wandered in planets looking for freedom and religiousness in still motion. Noticeably, many publishers, local and the international ones too may have thought that people will not get inspired so the international publishers made decisions that there would be a lot of readers out there who would take the least interest in this word like a small dumpling or the Jiujitsu, an eastern European could obscure some. And the banalest standby they had to choose feels like a metaphor for a novel which contains a lot of unusual and fancy things including flights, memories, all of the actual airplanes. But there is something strange, calling it a novel would be traditionally wrong as it contains nothing of a story but a minor similarity.

In place of this, Tokarczuk who is a person who is considered to be a superstar and it is her 3rd work which is appeared in English till now. It seems like she has poured her glowing contents from her remarkable mind on the pages. These remarkable contents are like never-ending, and they are a lot. These contents include a connection to a series of synaptic sparks and flashes. It is almost impossible to know that whether what choices should be made by the translator Jennifer Croft.  It could be tough for her to deal with such a long text and the massive credits go to her for this fantastic struggle she had made with the content to make it worth sharing with a vast audience. If Flights had the theme, it would be according to the happenings like the travels, the wish to slip by the time and space and to find out the revelation from the top possible places which are not known by anyone and they can’t be found out by using guides or maps. Some of the people may find it like a campfire tale, but in reality, it is not that so. Others may feel it be a course in science which is highly complex and full of historical events. But other than all this, Flights is like a dream. A dream which is best and maddening at the same time, it could be difficult for some people to get into it but still it’s marvelous.

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