Tories should ditch MP

Boris Johnson burka row: Tories should ditch MP, peer says

Boris Johnson commented on the women who wear Burka, and so one of the senior Muslim peers from media says that he should be thrown out of the conservative party as he used foul language. He said that only an apology would not be enough for what he said.  He also said that Mr. Johnson should be removed and he will be no longer the MP for the party. Mr. Johnson said that the women who wear burkas and cover their faces are like letterboxes. He made their comparison with bank robbers. According to a report, Mr. Johnson was not ashamed of what he said, and he is still of his views.

The first Muslim Woman in the British Cabinet, Baroness Warsi said that these comments of Mr. Johnson could cause serious hate crime issues in the UK. Jeremy Wright, the cultural Secretary, said that we are public figures and we should be careful in our speech. He said that we have some obligations towards the people and we have to fulfill them.  Brandon Lewis who is the chairman of the conservative party said in an interview that Mr. Johnson should apologize for the language he used.

The former Tory chairman noted that Mr. Johnson used the illiberal word and he also said if someone makes a complaint to the party, there would be an independent panel which looks into the issue and the situation will get worse and will become inconvincible. Mr. Johnson is not ashamed and doesn’t feel sorry. He says that if we do not speak on the liberal issues like this, we will be the same as the extremists. In an article, Mr. Johnson said that he is not of the view that the full veils should be banned but it just looks ridiculous that the women themselves have opted to look like letterboxes. The PM said that the remarks of Mr. Johnson had caused severe offensive scenarios. Mr. Johnson noted burka to be downright oppressive. He called this to be ridiculous that the women prefer to look like a letterbox. He says that it is weird and if he had the authority he would ban it. He said that the government and the business sectors should impose a dress code, especially for the women so that the dealers are allowed to see the face of their customers.

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