Boy Kills Pet Goldfish & Cuddle it in Bed

Boy Kills Pet Goldfish After Cuddling It In Bed

A 4-year-old boy, Everett Hamlin accidentally killed his pet Goldfish out of adoration. Just before going to bed, he dug into his fish tank and reached out to his best friend and decided to take it to bed along, unaware of what it might do to the poor fish.

Tori, Everett’s mother witnessed the incident late at night when she entered his room to check up on her son. She was worried when she did not find Nemo the fish in its tank. She began to look for the fish wondering where it had gone only to find it in bed, with her son in his hand. She woke him up to explain what had happened and as expected, the kid was distressed to find out. “He had no understanding of what he was doing. Honestly, I’m surprised he caught it. He’s got some good skills there” Tori explained.

It was a healthy experience

Tori further talked about how essential the incident was for Everett to learn about the consequences of his mistakes. “t is a part of parenting and growing up” she stated.

The incident was shared online by Tori which received 65,000 supportive comments, suggesting Everett to be bought a new Goldfish, which he later was.

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