British Airways Flight Mistakenly Lands In Scotland Instead of Germany

The passengers for the British airways flights that are from the London airport to Germany had met with a sudden surprise this Monday morning at the time when their plane had touched the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.  This was actually a travel error and this happened because of the wrong filed plane. This actually led the pilots and the crew to make sure that flight had been bound only to Edinburgh.

This flight basically has been operated by the leasing company of Germany that is WDL aviation and for the base of the British subsidiary airline. This was a wrong flight plan and this was actually filed in the head office of that leasing company.

The plane then landed in Edinburgh and after that it took on its next takes off for Dusseldorf. One of the students at the Imperial College London, Piotr Pomienski had told the CNN that Zsofia Szabo who is his girlfriend was on the plane which has landed in the Edinburgh mistakenly. He said that he had seen the flighradar on which the flight had been flying in the north side rather it had to be in south.

He said at that time he had assumed that this was some kind of the system error until he got a message from her girlfriend’s side that they were in Edinburgh.

Szabo had told the reporters that she had realized that there was something wrong when she saw the mountains which were present around the plane and she felt it to be a usual industrial landscape in Germany.

She said that by the time they had started to descend and she had seen some of the taller mountains, she thought that this isn’t how she though western Germany would be but she was really amazed by knowing that they had taken a small detour.

She told the reporters that her colleague who by that time had been sitting with her in the aisle from her told her to check their location on the Google map and when they did so they found that they were somewhere around Carlisle.  She said that by the time she had seen the location on the map, this information took almost no time in getting spread to the others in the plane and meanwhile everyone was discussing that where they were going and why.


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