British Tourist Taking 30 Sambuca Shots

A British tourist completes the challenge of 30 Sambuca shots in a minute

UK. 25th. August, 2018: Recently, a video has gone viral over the internet showing a twenty years old British tourist downing 30 shots of Sambuca to win a prize.

The challenge was presented to Chris McAdam who was on his holidays in Zante, Greece, and went to a bar. The staff presented him the challenge that if he downs 30 shots of the strong liquid in a minute, he won’t have to pay the bill. The young boy from Swansea decided to take the challenge and he necked 30 shots in less than a minute to win the prize.

Here is the clip of British Tourist Taking 30 Sambuca Shots


Watching the clip, you get to see that the boy looks to be sick at a certain point. However, the cheers from crowd and hotel staff around keeps him going and eventually he ends up completing the challenge.

The youngster stated that he puked afterwards but the fact that he had been drinking Sambuca back in his hometown urged him to take on the challenge. The boy, despite feeling sick for a while, was fine later.

When it comes to drinking, so much liquor at one time is never a good call. While talking about consuming alcohol, one has to stay well within the limits. There are certain people who are criticizing the bar and rightfully so because so much liquor is enough to bring down a horse. And consider the amount of Sambuca, many people who saw the video, which was seen more than 600000 times, stated that this is fake and he is drinking nothing but water. However, the hotel authorities clarified that this is Sambuca.

The bar manager stated that she kept the boy under surveillance for a few hours after he completed the challenge to assure that he is alright and feeling good.


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