Pacific island to become the newest nation of the world will change the flag and name of it if, in November, the independence vote passes.

Now, this is the time for New Caledonia to pitch off the power of colonizing and put steps forward on the world’s stage. In a meeting, the Country’s independence coalition head has said that the referendum would be conducted in November. Daniel Goa, the spokesperson of the independence movement, said that leaving the colonizing power was predictable. Goa also said in a speech at the Lowy Institute that this is the question of time for us and we have known that the time in Oceania is calculated differently.  He gave this speech last week in Sydney.  The referendum is expected to be conducted on November 4th, and all the long-term inhabitants of the island would be asked that whether they want independence from France or not.

Goa also said that this date of 4th November would be of keen importance to the inhabitants of Island as on this date they are going to get the results for their long-term struggle of about 164 years.  If this deal becomes successful, the newly independent country which would be formed will be given the name Kanaky Nouvelle-Caledonie, and the flag would also be changed. Inhabitants will then adopt the flag of FLNKS. Goa said that we would make sure that we get recognized internationally and we will also apply to become the member of the United Nations.  Supporting the independence and remaining in favor of the Kanaks there were polls conducted, and there is still a number of the population who have not decided anything, and they are not sure even about their own decisions.

Geo in his speech called this fight for freedom a question of dignity, by this, he meant that the Kanak person would fight for his independence and this saying shows you the importance of this referendum which would be held on 4 November. In 1980, there was an unrest situation in New Caledonia, and 21 people died due to that independence campaigns. If somehow, the people fail in getting independence now, they will be given two chances further. One in the year 2020 and if still, they remain unsuccessful, they will get another chance in the year 2023. If they get successful, they will also change their economic system.


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