The terrifying and devastating fire has covered a vast area of California. It’s almost over a month that the fire is spreading and ripping through the city. Multiple footages are shared to show the terrifying rage of this fire which is not getting into the control.

People of this area are being evacuated from the affected area, but the buildings and other valuable stuff are getting into this raging fire. There are almost 37,000 residents who are being evacuated. However, according to the news, many firefighters are trying to get the fire under control, but now it is almost a week that this fire is affecting thousands of structures and buildings in California.

The fire is of the extensive level, and it resembles like a huge, terrifying tornado. According to the firefighter staff, the fire is so huge, and its whirls are so great that we can think of it as a fire tornado.

They also said that due to the wind, the fire is spreading to even more areas and catching the trees, vehicles, and other things along the roads. Not only the buildings are catching fire but also the trees along with the roads and its moving in a faster way covering a considerable part of California. Wind is playing a powerful role to spread the fire in other parts of the city and making lose the game in front of the raging fire. He added that through wind, the fire is moving towards the sky too which gives it a terrifying effect just like a tornado.

This monster fire does not only affect the buildings, but it has also played his role in taking the human lives. There is a total of eight casualties out of which two were the firefighters of the local area who were trying to control the rage of this monster fire.

It has been reported that the fire in California is caused by a “MECHANICAL FAILURE OF A VEHICLE,” which has been reported in the CAL FIRE.

Governor of California, Jerry Brown has sent his condolences through the Twitter for the families of those local Firefighters, who had lost their lives while saving others. Also, he shared his thoughts and love for the people of California who have lost their homes and valuables due to this monster fire. We hope that the fire gets in control soon in California and it stops it raging without damaging another precious life.

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