California Terminating Cash Bail

California Becomes The First To Terminate The Cash Bail

The bail system from the prison has been under pressure in some states of the United States of America. Through all this pressure, California is going to be the first state ever that will end cash bail after forty year fight. The situation for fighting this issue led to the fact that the California state became the first state to end the bail for suspects who are awaiting trial under the reform bill which was signed by the government. The statement that was passed by the government official was that the California reforms its bail system so that because of this approach, the rich and the poor are treated equally. This process to end the cash bail system was about four decades.

This cash bail system was all about the rich people. Rich people can easily set them free by using the cash bail system while the poor are often remained in the custody for a very long time. This step for reforming the justice system is the first step to make the justice system better, and to improve the values which the system lags behind. Many states are moving towards this approach to end the cash bail system. This will slowly end the reliance of money for the laws. The California law people who have been arrested can’t set them free by using the cash for bail or borrowing money from other parties to set them free. This approach has been ended, now it’s all about using the justice system fairly.

Each and every case will be decided by the local courts to keep that person in custody for how long or not in the custody. All these decisions will be decided by the courts. This way of decisions will surely end the unfair decisions that kept so many poor people for such a long time in custody. The main target of this approach is to eliminate the human bias into the court proceedings. Some of the critics are saying that this bill is being used to threaten and criminalize our jail our loved ones. Due to this bill, the bail bond industry is also going to collapse because now there is no need for the bail bonds. The collapse will affect seven thousand jobs. This bill will also create more time for detention of people who would otherwise demand the post bail. The bail industry could sue the bill for keeping the law on hold.

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