Canada is the second country to legalize recreational cannabis

Uruguay is the first while Canada has become the second country which has legalize the use and possession of recreational cannabis. In Canada, medical marijuana has been legal for about 17 years from now but still the concerns are same which includes the readiness of police forces to tackle the driving impaired by drugs. The information regarding new laws have been send to almost 15m households and there will also be some awareness campaigns for the general public.

To make history, Lan Power who is from St John Town started queuing at exact 20:00. He said that it is his dream to be the very first person in Canada to purchase legal gram and finally he’s there to fulfill his dream. The municipalities and the provinces of Canada have been in the preparation for this prohibition of cannabis for several months and they are the ones to be responsible for the purchasing spots and the consumption of the cannabis.

Cannabis act Canada

A patch has been created by them of a lot of restrictive legislation around the whole Canada.  While still this is a question for some people that how Canada can agree to legalize cannabis. There are a lot of analysts who are predicting for the expected upcoming shortage of the recreational cannabis once after it has been legalized especially in the first year of its legalization as the production of cannabis will continue to ramp up to meet the said demand.

The market place of cannabis is still in its start. Ontario which is the most famous province of Canada will start to open the retail stores of cannabis till next spring though for the residents the option to order cannabis online is still available. British Columbia is the province with the highest use of cannabis and the legal store there will just be opened on Wednesday. Well, until the retail locations to get access to cannabis are properly available, there will be some unlicensed retailers of cannabis who have been dealing in these years before since the law has been announced.

But still this is not clear that whether the police will catch them or they will be able to turn a blind eye. For last some months, the legal pot has been an inevitable topic for Canada as the companies and the governments were already been into the preparations since 17th October.  So, finally the hours of wait have been over and the Canadians will come to know that how this new law is going to impact the whole country.


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