Canadian air traffic controllers send pizza to US counterparts affected by shutdown

The Canadian air traffic control association’s president, Peter Duffey said that the controllers have been looking to search a way so that they could help the American controllers as they have been facing their first payment day with having no pay on Friday. On Thursday, there was one of the CATCA that’s a control center in Edmonton, Alberta which was having the idea of sending pizzas to the controllers who were in Anchorage, Alaska.  Those units are even closer that they are regularly having the interactions and the Canadian controllers were of view that it would be a good sign of solidarity.

The idea at that time took hold and there were some other units too which were along the border and pizza was sent there for the controllers with whom they were to share the airspace.  But now, according to the statement of Duffey, those units have been chosen randomly based as the other units to send them pizzas and sometimes there are solid similarities which provide a ground to them while they think that they are sharing.

Duffey said that the response which he had got after sending the pizza to them from the American controllers was really something heartwarming. He added that there have been many situations where the pilots have checked in to the Canadian airspaces and they have greeted their other Canadian colleagues over radio telecast providing them with the message of thanks on behalf of the other controllers. He continued that this is a big scheme of stuff to send pizzas to people who are now missing their paychecks is just a small gesture of it but the message which sending these pizzas delivers is itself a big gesture in it.

While they have been important into the consideration in the US Federal Aviation Administration and a statement has also been released by the FAA on 22nd December on Twitter which stated that the air traffic control is completely operational and it has no impact over the safety over the oversights for the FAA travelers.


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