Canadian Offices Insert More Nap Rooms

Why nap rooms are popping up in more and more Canadian offices

This has been recently on the view that in the Bob Vaez software company, it isn’t only allowed for the workers to snooze but it is also encouraged. The torronto boss of the company himself has described this strategy by saying that he would be the only CEO who promotes such type of work culture in the firm where he allows and encourages the employees to sleep regardless of work and he in that statement insisted that this encouragement leads to the ultimate productivity and increased morale of the company.

To give a more support to this concept, the company provides a private nap room where the workers can sleep or spend some time taking rest in the dark space in the conditions when they aren’t feeling well or are observing headaches.  He said that he has settled a quite room for the employees because he himself had felt the need for that from his past experiences.

He said that as with any of the technical workers, you have got the option to work for the odd hours of the day and the brain gets tired with so much load of work and it needs to be shut down and especially after the lunch time is over, most of the workers feel lazy and sleepy due to which they can’t perform their best and people most of the times are found sleeping over the desk so there is not point to compel them to work in the situation when they can’t.


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