Canadian Wolves Sent To Michigan For Special Operation

Canadian Wolves Are Being Airdropped Into Michigan For A Special Mission

Four, gray Canadian wolves of the breed were dropped into Isle Royale National Park of Michigan by air for an animal conservation project. The object is to encompass the moose population which has drastically increased in the absence of carnivores. Wildlife officials at Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF) expect from this mission to also accomplish revival of wolves in the area and plan to add in another couple in September, followed by some 12 to 24 is the next upcoming years.

Where did the wolves go?

Previously, the Isle Royale Park was joint with the mainland through a magnificent bridge made of ice for 50 days of the year but unfortunately, due to our changing climate, the bridge has been broken down for good hence putting a stop to animal migration.

However, the project is quite difficult as the wolves chosen can almost never be ideal according to age and health. Also stranding a wolf in an unknown place with strangers as companions might put them under pressure and they may not adhere to the goal. Moreover, gray wolves are being considered to be removed from the list of endangered species and this mission individually is turning out to be a huge success already.

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