veteran’s cemetery visit by White House

Cancellation to veteran’s cemetery visit by White House sparks rumors

The White House’s cancellation to the visit of veteran’s cemetery in France has sparked several controversies and rumors. Although the official statement given was about the concerns regarding weather, the reason does not appear to be fitting in the eyes of many people.

The decision by White House to cancel the visit to the fallen ones who died for America in WWI is certainly creating a lot of heat.

President Trump had the option to take a 30 minutes ride which would take him from Paris toe Aisne Marne American Cemetery and Memorial situated in Belleau, France, via a helicopter. However, there was a forecast for rain which made it a risky ride, perhaps a bit too risky to be called a safe flight, as stated by the White House a few hours before he was set to reach the cemetery.

According to the words from White House officials, “The President and First Lady’s trip to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial has been canceled due to scheduling and logistical difficulties caused by the weather.”

However, the visit from high rank officials was certainly made as John Kelly, chief of staff of White House, and General Joseph Dunford, joint chiefs of staff, took a road trip to the cemetery. It was 50 mile long and took 3 hours in total (90 minutes each) while a brief stay at the cemetery was also there. Considering the event, French President Emmanuel Macron travelled to the northern side of the country alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel to pay tribute to those who sacrificed themselves during the war.

But the call from the White House about president not going to the cemetery and the given reason isn’t sitting too well for some observers. A French political analyst and former campaign adviser to the current French president came up with a photograph of a cyclist roaming around in Paris. Alongside, he tweeted, criticizing the decision, that the weather is not even strong enough for the bicyclist to call off his journey and we are talking about a presidential hello.

But if this one appears to be a slight comment or a meme to you, perhaps the words of Nicholas Soames, current member of British Parliament and grandson of none other than the legendary British Prime Minister and a man who definitely played a critical role in the history, Winston Churchill, would be a thing to hear. He called Trump a ‘pathetic’ person who is ‘inadequate’ as he was not even able to fight weather to ‘pay his respects to The Fallen,’ the ones who embraced death with ‘their face to the foe.’


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