An accident killed 3 young girl scouts

Three girls had been recently killed while the fourth one was found in the critical condition. The accident happened this Saturday, when the pickup driver struck the member of Girl Scout trip who were picking up the trash on the roadside. This accident happened at the Wisconsin road. The lake hallie police said in a statement that an adult woman got hit in a crash which happened at about 11:41 a.m in Lake Hallie at county highway. This is a village which is situated near northeast village of Eau Clarie. F-150 Ford was traveling through the northbound and at the time of accident, it was crossing the traffic lane. The driver was identified by the police to be Colton Treu who was of age 21 who belonged to Chippewa Falls.

Police about  Car Crash in Wisconsin that killed three young girls

According to the interview given by the police, he has escaped from the scene but after that later on he turned back. At the start, it was not clear that what would be the future circumstances and what would be the situations he has to face. His phone number was not easy to be found as he had an attorney, declared by the police in statement. Sokup gave a statement on Sunday evening in which he said that it is highly hoped that the police department is going to make extensions to the families who are involved in these accidents and this would be till the end of investigations.

Minneapolis Star Tribune

An interview was also conducted at the Minneapolis Star Tribune in which the relative of one of the injured girls gave a statement and said that those girls were the scout of fourth grade in Halmstad Elementary School and that is situated in Chippewa falls. The relative said that at the time of the accident, all those girls were wearing their safety vests in bright colors and they were also accompanied by adults. Police didn’t tell the complete reason behind the crash and said that they are still investigating.

Families of Victims

A post was also made on facebook this Saturday evening where the police department said that the accident was really terrific and horrible and it also condolence to the families of the victims. The police department said that their prayers and thoughts are with the victims and the families and friends of the victims. They said that everyone as a part of this community has been affected by this horrible accident.



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