Cardi B Becomes First Solo Woman to Win Best Rap Album at Grammys

In the year 2019, for the best rap album, the five LPs Grammys has constituted a stacked category that is actually the Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy, Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap, Mac Miller’s swimming and Travis Scott’s Astroworld. But somehow Cardi B has managed to nab for the honor in the highly competitive categorization with the smash debut of her. At the time when the award was announced, Cardi had got Freaked and she hugged offset and at that time she had grabbed him by her hand and straightly guided him towards the stage with her.

She after taking herself to the stage said that she couldn’t breathe and her nerves even are so bad that they she should now think to start smoking weeds. As an addition to the industry folks, cardi had also thanked her child also with her husband offset by saying that she wanted to thank her daughter and she wasn’t saying this thanks just because she was her daughter but because when she got to find out that she was pregnant, her album wasn’t complete and at that time she had left with three songs which she had to do at any cost and those nights were very long for her when she was shooting those videos.  Though in 1997, Lauryn Hill has got the award for the best rap album which was the part of the Fugees for that specific score.

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