Carl Reiner expresses his wish of living till 2020 to vote against Trump

The 96 year old TV legend, Carl Reiner, came up with a statement that he wishes to live up until 2020 to cast a vote against Trump, helping in throwing him out of the oval office.

The man who was behind the creation of “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” posted a video on social platform Twiter, stating that he served in World War II with the aim of fighting and defeating fascism.

In the video, he said that he has been through the Great Depression. He served in WWII in the hopes of defeating fascism. And he has worked for television and gave his performances on it even before his family had one in their home.

Working as screenwriter, actor, and director, Carl said that there has been a lot of things in his life that he has been through, seeing them thoroughly and observing them deeply. However, what is going on currently is unbearable as the US is being destroyed at the hands of racism along with a lot of lies and fear mongering.

“Fortunately, there is something we can do about that,” Reiner said. “On November 6, we can vote for elected officials who will hold this president accountable.”

Coming up with a personal goal, Reiner stated that he is looking to live until 2020 just to make sure that he casts his vote against Trump and gets him out of the office. This would make sure that there are still individuals who have decency, good moral, and are citizens that follow the law.

Moving towards the closure, Reiner urged individuals to go out and vote on Nov 6th. According to the stats of Wednesday morning, the video had received 1.7 million views!

However, with the midterm elections drawing near, Reiner isn’t the only person in the A-list celebs who had asked people to get out and vote. Singers including Rihanna and Taylor Swift also asked individuals to get out of their homes and use their right to cast vote while the pop star, Taylor Swift, also expressed her desire of casting the ballot for Senate candidate by Democratic Party in the state of Tennessee, Phil Bredesen.


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