CBD infused burger coming soon

Carl’s Jr. will test a CBD-infused burger

The famous Carl’s Jr. is experimenting with something unique. They plan on testing CBD-infused burgers as on trial basis at only one of their famous location that is the Denver one. The offer is valid only for a single day, the 20th of April in order to entice enthusiast cannabis.

Basically, CBD is a non-psychoactive component of hemp and marijuana. Although there is little or less scientific research carried out on the product to confirm the effects but the CBD can actually help soothe anxiety and helps to get rid of the pain. There is yet another issue regarding the quantity of CBD being added into food to ensure safety, but the CBD compound in resemblance to its close cousin hemp, there is little THC in it, which is the major psychoactive chemicals which effects and heightens your neurons, makes you feel high. Thus, the CBD infused burger is most likely not to get you to feel drugged.

As they do so, Carl’s Jr. will become the very first food chain which will be adding CBD-Infused item to their menu. This special offer is just in time for the marijuana holiday this weekend and will be priced at $4.20 s. the complete deal will include of the cheeseburger Delight, Two beef patties, Jalapenos pepper jack cheese, waffle-shaped fries and 5mg hemp-derived CBD infusion extract in the burger Chain’s Santa Fe Sauce.

A lot of CBD containing food products have become legal in December by the president Donald Trump’s signature on the farm bill, however, the Food and Drug Administration does not allow the addition of CBD in food items.

Carl’s Jr. is not playing games by launching the CBD infused burger because Colorado was one of the first stated which legalized recreational marijuana thus industrial growth of Cannabis is the greatest in the region.

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