Carmelo Anthony invests $5 million in Sports Dars and Pizza Joints

From basket-baller to businessman: Carmelo Anthony invests $5 million in sports bars and pizza joints

Hawaii. 5th. June, 2018: NBA basket-baller Carmelo Anthony is now willing to invest part of his earnings in business. In fact, he just took his first step as a businessman by investing $5 million in partnership with Somerset Hospitality Group, to launch new beer bars and pizza joints nationwide, reported The Post.

Nobodys Pizza, based in South Bronx and owned by Keith Rubenstein (who owns Somerset) is partnering with The Ainsworth, which is a chain of bars owned by Brian Mazza and Matt Shendell that established itself 10 years ago. The fusion seems to offer great potential for profit, and Anthony seems to be aware of that.

The Ainsworth is being a hit all over the internet, on social media, especially after it launched its “24-karat chicken wings” in partnership with Jonathan Cheban, a member of the Kardashian clan who identifies himself as a “foodgod”.


Rubenstein says that the project in which Carmelo Anthony got involved consists in launching about 20 to 30 sports bars/pizza houses (bringing together Nobodys Pizza and The Ainsworth, thus). These 20 to 30 bars will establish themselves nationwide, in areas located nearby stadiums, within 7 years. At this stage, it is to early to know exactly where the bars/restaurants will be launched.

However, even though the teams are only in the process of finding out locations, Rubenstein said that the first fusion restaurant co-launched by Nobodys Pizza and The Ainsworth will most probably open in Nashville, as The Ainsworth is already planning to open a new bar over there.

As for Anthony, he expressed his excitement about becoming a partner of The Ainsworth and Nobodys Pizza. This project should allow him to make profit while putting together fun things such as food, sports, and entertainment, he believes. Anthony shared with Side Dish that he has big plans and is happy to have an opportunity to make them real,

Rubenstein also said that choosing to partner with athletes and popular people would allow them to better promote the new business and make it grow. Promoting a brand becomes easier when an athlete is an investor in it and starts to advertising for it on social media.

Previously, Nobodys Pizzas was named La Grata and offered a southern Italian menu that was conceived by vet Chef Erminio Conte (from the Serafina Restaurant Group). Progressively, the menu has started to have items such as chicken wings and burgers on it (along with its traditional pesto linguini and chicken paillard), in order to please the clientele.

On the South Bronx waterfront, the Ainsworth also plans to open an incredibly spacious (7,500 square feet) restaurant, by converting a Rubenstein-owned warehouse. The location of that new restaurant is known: 9 Bruckner Boulevard. Rubenstein also said that the 7,000-square-feet space will include 5,000 square feet of outdoor space, distributed in two sorts of floors. That space will provide numerous bars as well as a swimming pool.

Let us hope that the future holds good things for Carmelo Anthony.

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