6 Celebrities Who Are Friends With Everyone In The Entertainment Industry

The celebs that are friends with everyone in the industry

August 14th, 2018: There are certain celebs that are friends with everyone in the entertainment industry. These individuals have captivated their fellows with their charisma.


Yeri is a part of Red Velvet and she has been known for being friends with all individuals she meets. Particularly, the unnies are her favorites and some of her valuable besties include Taeyeon, IU, Nayeon, and Irene. Recently, there are some pics that surfaced up which indicates that Yeri is also close to Han Chae Young. Her bright and optimistic personality makes everyone fall for her.


Looking for someone who has been friends with people of all ages? Meet Henry. He has displayed a great charm and is shown the friendly side on almost all the occasions. He is popular with individuals from older and younger generations and it is of no surprise that fellow stars are also in his friend’s list.


Heechul is a piece in the puzzle of Super Junior and he is labelled as the king of connections. There is hardly a celeb who is not aware of his name and he has influence on most of them, especially the female ones. Some of the ladies that are seen close to him include Goo Hara, Hani, Taeyeon, and Sulli. He is s classy personality and his taste for humor makes him a standout.


Meet V from BTS who is a person with an array of links. His network is wide and strong and there are many celebs in it. From singers to actors to comedians, everyone can be seen in his pictures. You will find that he shares a special bond with Ha Ji Won, Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Gum, Sungjae, and Hyungsik.


Zico is an idol from Block B and she has a number of celebrity friends to cherish her time with and they can all be seen in her pictures. Her friendly personality makes her popular with other individuals in the entertainment industry. Her friends include Sulli, Mir, Simon Dominic, IU, Beenzino, HyunA, and Swings.

Ha Sungwoon

If you have been to any concerts of Wanna One, you will find that Ha Sungwoon has got a charming personality and friendly attitude. He has some very close ties with Ravi, Kai, and Jimin to name a few. Along with these, he shares a close bond with Taemin, Timoteo, N, Kihyun, and Lee Hong Ki.


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