A CEO-Felling Privacy Bill, Facebook Ad Scandals, Chinese Spy Charges

A law has been recently proposed by the US senator Ron Wyden according to which the CEOs who would mislead the regulators would have to face the jail for 20 years. Especially for those who would do that for the privacy protection of the data. Since the Equifax ransacking the consumers have already clamored for the reforms regarding the data privacy and they granted a cause to celebrate to the analytica debacle of the facebook.  Senator ron who is actually a privacy hawk has on the recent Thursday open a bill which somehow seeks to put harsh and strong penalties against the companies and also for the owners of the companies who try to use the rules and regulations against of those which have been made by the government regarding he technological industry. According to the privacy act of the consumer data, the bills have been named tentatively and that it completely takes the guesses and cues from the European’s companies for the data regulation that provides the four percent of the total at the global level and also some of the revenues in support of the infractions.

But when it was supposed that wyden bill will move some steps further, there was an addition made to the penalty that whoever has proposed the laws which have been made have to spend twenty years of his life in the punishment in jail. And not only this, those CEOs who would be found to knowingly misleading the regulators would be heavily fined and that has been specified to $5 million. The reports which have been proposed till now are going to require the bigger firms especially those that contain higher revenues or those who have the data bases for comparatively large amounts of the customers on their devices. Those selective companies would then be asked to submit the reports that have been making previously regarding their annual data protection to the authorities to know the techniques and planning they have been doing for the securing of data and also for the alternative options for the customers. This is how the federal trade commission is going to boost the technology focused division in the important divisions. A teaching fellow and an attorney at the law’s communication and the tech clinic who has been the public representation also at the school’s institute, Lindsey Barrett also had his comments on twitter regarding this issue.


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