Protest against killing of black man

Chicago. 16th. July, 2018: Even in this modern era, black people are believed to be deprived of equality in the US. Also in the past, we have seen many voluntary and involuntary acts that prove the previously quoted statement.

Subsequently, you can read the events that took place during and afterwards the chaos in Chicago after the US police shot dead a 37-year-old black man.

  1. What exactly happened?

The US police fatally murdered a black man. The 37-year old man named Harith Augustus was shot in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago. He was declared dead shortly after he reached the hospital. Local media shared that he was known as Snoop the barber in his community.

The local police patrol chief Fred Waller confronted the media saying that Harith Augustus was killed after he tried to escape when the police questioned him about ”the bulge around his waistband”. Further adding to the scenario he said ”they thought he appeared to be reaching for a weapon, which he did have a weapon on him, and the officers tragically shot him”. Afterwards, a semi- automatic weapon was recovered from him.

  1. What happened shortly after the incident?

After a few moments, the news spread like wildfire. People left their houses and led to the roads, strongly condemning the insensitive behavior of the US police, in Illinois city of Chicago. A crowd of about 150 people including people who had witnessed the whole event and activists, chanted ”murderers” and ”the whole damn system is guilty as hell” just a couple of hours after the shooting.

Videos are circulating on social media  that show how furious the crowd was and how the police was trying to settle the crowd forcibly. A local journalist named Nader Issa tweeted,The situation just severely escalated when Chicago Police officers moved their line forward. An argument started and officers hit protesters with batons, and protesters returned punches. I haven’t seen a police shooting scene this tense since the Laquon McDonald video release.

He also told how he was forced to the ground by the police who then snatched his mobile from his hands. While talking to Al Jazeera said that the atmosphere got so tense that “it was clear there was going to be a confrontation between Chicago Police and protesters at some point”.

So above were the details of the chaos in Chicago after the US police shot dead a 30 year old black man.

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Protest against killing of black man

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