The leading star of TV programs THE FACT OF LIFE and DIFF’RENT STROKES died at the age of 92, leaving the fans with great grief on this loss.

The star’s Publicist told that Charlotte Rae who played the role of Mrs. Garrett in THE FACTS OF LIFE and DIFF’RENT STROKES, she was famous among the audience by her character name MRS GARRETT left the world at the age of 92 this Sunday.

She entertained her audience by the season DIFF’RENT STROKES and then its spin-off by the name of THE FACT OF LIFE. She was Emmy, and Tony-nominated actress liked by the fans up till now.

The publicist of the actress said that the actress was among her family when she left the world in her home in Los Angeles. Her publicist did not provide the reporters and fans her cause of death.

Charlotte Rae Lubotsky started her career as an actor through the radio show and playing the theatre plays while she was in her teen age.

Charlotte Rae got the fame after when she performed her role of the beloved housemother Mrs. Edna Garrett. This was the role with which she was best known by the audience. She was the first cast in the play DIFF’RENT STROKES during the year of 1978 as Mrs. Garrett. After that, she got her spin-off by the name of THE FACT OF LIFE just after one year of DIFF’RENT STROKES.

The fans of this star took no time to fall in love with this actress and the role she was playing as Mrs. Garrett. She was a wise woman but with a sharp tongue and she behaved as a mentor for the young girls in the second play THE FACT OF LIFE and then in 1986 Charlotte Rae left the show as she thought that there was nothing left in the role for her to pursue it.

Last year on April 2017, she announced that she had bone cancer and seven years ago from this announcement, she shared the news of getting diagnosed with pancreatic cancer too. But after the chemotherapy treatment for six months, she got rid of that pancreatic cancer. She said her sister, mother, and an uncle died due to this cancer. That might be the reason of her death along with the factor of her age.

She was still loved by her fans, and that was not surprising for her.

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