Cheese discovered in an Ancient Egypt tomb, as much as 3200 years old

Archaeologists, who were operating at an Egyptian tomb, found a substance which is declared as one of the oldest cheeses to be found.

The team came across some jars that were broken in a tomb which belonged to a high ranking official from the Ancient Egypt, Ptahmes.

The substance, which appeared to be a solidified whitish mass of some kind, was suspected to be some kind of food which, upon careful examination and study, is labelled to be cheese which is as much as 3200 years old.

The significance of discovery is pretty much high because previously there have not been any such evidences that any kind of cheese was produced by Ancient Egyptians.

As per the words of author from the published report, the analyzed material is cheese and it is one of the most solid leftovers of the food found to this date. The study was conducted at the Cairo University in Egypt.

According to the cheese historian and chemistry professor, the ancient cheese had a really strong acidy touch to it.

A bacteria was found on the cheese which can cause infectious disease that is common in unpasteurized dairy products. The disease is known as brucellosis and exists to this date.

Ptahmes was a mayor on ancient Memphis. This tomb was first discovered in 1885 but was lost to shifting sand. However, it was rediscovered in 2010.


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