Cher's 'Believe' turns 20: How the song helped bring Auto-Tune into the mainstream

Cher’s believe talks about Auto-tune in the mainstream

There was a question raised about the difference of Cher and Exxon Mobile similarity and the answer of this question was given by the Mathematician Dr. Andy who is also the inventor of Auto Tune. He said that the answer to this question is believed and this statement of his also popularized the warbly.

Hidlebrand wasn’t actually a musical dilettante and he wasn’t also a professional mathematical of each sort yet he was an amazing flute player and was a studio musician at the time when he was of age 16 and he was paid for his talent by his college for the part time lessons which he used to provide.

Years after that, he was a part of the conference named as National Association of the Music Merchants NAMM and while during the lunch, there was a woman sitting there who made a comment that the music world needs her help to sing in tune. Hildebrand wanted to avoid a lot of explanations and math so he just figured out that could help in a way by inventing a device using the same technology that he had been using at EXXON.

Before the auto-tune, it was considered to be a common practice for a singer to have his final take by having a lot of multiple attempts and before the concept of digital recording, it involved the slicing up of the original tapes.

This was like undertaking of lessened or magnified by accuracy of the singer’s pitch. Hildebrand was trying to get a way through which he could marry the live aspect for the recording along with the scientific advances so he wrought that the first take of the singer is to try best as much as possible and it is always full of emotions and vitality.

He told NPR in year 2004 that after the first take, the producers on the first take announce it to be great and then later on they ask for retake because for them the second phase might be pitchy. He said that now the singers really panic and worries about the pitch of their voice and they also have to keep focus on the emotion, vitality, and the intonation of the sound from their active performance.

Auto-Tune would let the singers tune their first take. He talked about his theory of invention saying that in his mind these thoughts of his are not very complex and he haven’t found anyone till now who can elaborate about its understanding and normally they just call it to be a magic.


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