Chester Zoo keepers reveal heartbreak at animal deaths as supporters raise £100,000 to rebuild gutted Monsoon Forest habitat

Monsoon Forest habitat Chester Zoo

There is an official confirmation that some fish, frogs, small birds and insects that have been perished in the blaze being kind-hearted supporters have raised more than £100,000 for rebuilding of the glutted habitat.

The flames were also seen to be ripping through the roof of an enclosure which housed the orangutans and crocodiles.


A major incident was announced on Saturday after the fire had been broken out in the monsoon forest habitat of zoo. A statement was given by the chief operating officer Jamie Christon in which he said that the staff is devasted by the death of all these animals although he didn’t actually confirm the exact number of the creatures which have passed away.

He said that keepers were actually able to encourage the species of all the mammals to get away from the fire and to safety which included the group of critically endangered Sumatran orangutans in the zoo and also the Sulawesi macaques, silvery gibbons and the birds like there are rhinoceros hornbills.


He added that they are so devastated to say that they were unable to save some of their frogs, insects, and small birds and fish especially those who were located nearer to the outbreak of fire.

The building’s roof was also devastated by fire. He continued saying that it was really heart-breaking for him to lose his animals especially when the conservationists have been working hard so that they could breed those amazing species.

The remarkable efforts have been done from the team of zoo and all the emergency services and their provision actually meant the fire was extinguished as soon as it was possible. He said that the deadly and horrible blaze of fire was one of the toughest days in the so long history of the Chester Zoo.

Chester Zoo’s Spokesperson Statement

According to the statement of the spokesperson, no person from the staff was harmed in the fire and eventually the fire was brought under control by the rescue service crews and by Cheshire fire.

Because of that devastation one person was affected and he had to be granted with a treatment for smoke inhalation but there were no other reports like these harms and injuries.

The affected enclosure Sulawesi macaques, Sumatran orangutans and the Sunda gharial crocodile as well and some of the rare birds too.


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