China now replaces the 25-year old ban on tiger and rhino bones and horns

Tigers and rhinos both are regarded as the scarce wild animals and their trade was prohibited in China since the year 1993.  But according to the reports, on Monday it has been announced that the parts from the captive animals would be authorized from onwards for medical, cultural and scientific use.  It is now been believed by the experts that this change in orders would cause an increase in demand of the animals and it would jeopardize the efforts for their protection. Tiger and rhino parts are regarded as the key component and are highly valued in the Chinese traditional medicine. They are used and prescribed for the treatment of a lot of ailments including insomnia, gout, meningitis, and fever. It has been proven that this is a cure of a lot of diseases.

This ban in now 25 years old and there is a statement been announced for the replacement of this ban and according to the announcement, the state council has said that the forms of bones and horns of rhinos and the dead tigers would now be used in the Chinese hospitals only by the qualified doctors. It also said that these animal products could be obtained from the farms only. Those parts which are now allowed in china are regarded as antiques and they could also be sued in the cultural exchange if they are allowed by the cultural authorities. A statement has also been made by the worldwide fund which shows that this move and announcement of china would be having severew consequences and an enourmous setback for the efforts which have been done till now for the protection of the wildlife.

Even this announcement has restricted this use to antiques and to be used in hospitals, till then this trade is going to have increased confusion in law enforcers and the consumers that which products are legal and illegal for them to use. This is how the markets for other rhino and tiger products would also have an expansion and this is going to be a further threat for the wildlife. The author of the book poached, Rachel Nuwer said on twitter that the game is over for the remaining species of rhinos and tigers in the world. She said this would somehow encourage the illegal killing of these animals.


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