Chris Long Decides to Donate a Quarter of His Salary In 'First Quarter for Literacy' Money Pool

Chris Long Donates a Quarter of His Salary to Start ‘First Quarter for Literacy’ Fund

Chris Long has been taking a lot of educational initiatives and he is widening this circle by pledging the quarter portion of his annual salary of the year 2018 to initiate the first quarter for literacy fund. Through this pledging, he is taking initial steps for the promotion of literacy rate in the underserved children who don’t have enough resources to get the necessary education but they have skills and capabilities to do so. His funding will support those children.

Charlottesville is the hometown of Long and in last season he has donated his complete salary of 1 million dollars to different educational programs in his hometown. He had also launched a campaign naming Pledge 10 for tomorrow and it raised 1.75 million dollars for the organizations which have been focusing over the opportunities for education in the three cities including St. Louis, Philadelphia and Boston.

By forth campaign long partnered with the united way and the goal of Long this season is to donate 75,000 or even more books to the children in the near neighborhood who are needy and they want to get an education but lack resources. He aims to create three reading centers with the name Chris Long Book. This is how Long intends to increase awareness about the connection between quality of life and the reading proficiency for the long terms. The quarter of Long’s salary after the taxes have been deducted is total of 400,000 dollars. Long in a conversation with ESPN said that kids don’t have any choice, they neither pick up their parents nor they select their neighborhood.

They are not responsible for their economic crisis and all these things which have nothing to do with kids can’t stop them from getting a good lifestyle and an excellent educational approach to live. He said that investing in the education of those kids who are not responsible for any of these crises is something productive. He said that this is like something giving good results. Long is on his way to donate books and he has donated up to 27,500 books to the needy kids and he is supposed to do much more in this regard. This activity is really going to help the needy kids a lot. Not only this books donation, but he has also done a lot of other things in this aspect and he is supposed to do more in the near future.



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