Christine Hallquist

Christine Hallquist, a Transgender Woman, Wins Vermont Governor’s Primary – NY Times

On an afternoon this summer, Hallquist who is the renowned executive of former utility from Vermont had a conversation with Danica Roem who is a transgender and she is the first transgender to win national identity as the state’s Legislature. Mr. hallquist is also a gender but the advice of Ms. Roem was not any way related to gender identification and recognition. Hallquist said that he has got too much to learn as he was listening to her lessons. These lessons worked on this Tuesday. Ms. Hallquist became the first transgender to be nominated for the governorship of a major party, there were three more candidates.  On the election night, in the party, Ms. Hallquist said to the crowd that she is proud to make the history and being between the democrats. It is considered to be a remarkable action in the history of democracy that a person who is a gay or a lesbian is nominated to be a part of government.

 Not only this, Mr. Hallquist was not only the one transgender candidate on ballot in fact on Saturday in Hawaii, Kim Coco who is a lawyer by profession lost her bid for being a nominee for democracy. This how there would be the space for more transgender candidates on the ballot.

But there also views that this was easy act made in democracy but it could be difficult for Ms. Hallquist to the path of governor office and it could be narrow too as democratic running for a developed state starts from here. The popularity of Mr. Scott however lowered a bit as he signed the gun control measures. But still in the poll which was formed this July by different media organizations have found that the two third of the population of Vermont supported the law and half of them were in favor of Mr. Scott. Less than 80 percent of the population supported Ms. Hallquist and the rest didn’t even have the idea about who she is. This scenario might change the position of Ms. Hallquist and she needs to be more active to draw the attention of the nation. She should also fund raise the dollars.

But because her history has potentials, she will be able to get money and also her messages would soon be reached to the vast amount of the people. Before she begins as governor, Ms. Hallquist also served as the chief executive of Electric Cooperative at Vermont.


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