Cleaning Of Parks And Beaches As The #Trashtag Challenge Goes Viral

In the past few years, there have been a lot of odd social media challenges. And, due to all these challenges, many people have been seen accepting these challenges. One such challenge was the Birdbox challenge, and also ‘neknominate’.

It was the craziest as it stimulated the people who participated to consume absurd quantities of booze. Many of these trends which got viral were completely senseless and absurd. So, it’s astonishing and nice to observe something that’s bringing about positivity among the people, but at the same time, it does show how people go crazy after these trends and can’t just pick up their own shit.

The Trashtag Challenge has encouraged people from all over the world to clear up their parks, beaches and streets. They aren’t calling others to clean their communities, rather they are doing it themselves. The idea of this challenge or trend has been there since many years but it was just this weekend that this gained some importance and attention from the people when they started picking up the mess from their streets, parks and beaches, and posting the before and after pictures on the social media.

All these dramatic operations of cleaning also included wooded regions that were covered in plastic trash. It was picked up, collected into bin bags, and cleaned up. So, it was seen for the first time in many years that a sensible and positive challenge came up and pushed people towards doing something good and necessary.

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