Jim Acosta and Trump

CNN sues President Trump and top White House aides for barring Jim Acosta

A law suit has been filed against President Trump and also upon few of his aids by the CNN who are now in the process to seek restoration of the white house chief correspondent access towards the White House. The lawsuit that has recently been filed is basically the response to the suspension to the white house of the Acosta’s press pass which is also known as a hard pass for the secret service. CNN’s fifth and first amendments and Acosta’s rights have been violating by that ban. The suit was filed by the CNN in Washington in the District court at the Tuesday morning and that was actually assigned and docketed on Timothy J. Kelly a judge and Trump’s appointee. A deadline was given by the judge to the defendants of Wednesday at 11 am so that the responses to the suit could be filed.

The hearing schedule was settled for 3:30 pm on Wednesday. Both the Acosta and CNN are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit and the case has been filed again six defendants including Donald Trump, the staff chief John Kelly, Sarah Sanders who is the press secretary, the deputy chief of staff of communication Bill Shine, Randolph Alles the director of the secret service and the officer from the secret services who took the hard pass from Acosta away that Wednesday.

All these six defendants are named and mentioned because of their roles in the announcement and enforcement of Acosta’s suspension. Jeff Zucker who is the internal memo for the staff by being the worldwide president said in his statement that this wasn’t a step been taken lightly but this action for the white house is actually unprecedented.

There was a response to the suit by sanders to the CNN by saying grandstanding to the suit and she further said that the administration is going to defend itself vigorously. A statement was given by CNN on Tuesday morning in which it said that they are on the way to seek the preliminary injection so  that Acosta could be returned to the white house immediately and the court could then stop the white house from using the Acosta’s pass in near future. The statement contained some of the basic details regarding the suit including that the lawsuit was filed by the CNN against president’s administration in the DC district court that morning and it was actually filed to demand the returns for the credentials of the white house for the white house correspondent chief of the CNN, Jim Acosta.

The revocation of those credentials was wrongful and they had been violating the first amendment rights of Acosta and CNN of the press freedom and the Fifth Amendment rights for the remaining procedure. The statement said that they have been asked the court for the immediate restraining for the orders of the required passes which are to be returned to the Jim and then he would be there seeking relief as it is supposed to be the part of the process. It was also said by the correspondents association of the white house that it would be there always for the complete support of the goals of CNN regarding the filed suit to see that the correspondents have regained the secret service security credentials from the US and also that white house would not be there to take it away at its very first place.

It was also asserted by the CNN at the time when the suit was filed that the remaining news organizations could have been become the target of the Trump’s administration in that way and also could be the same for future. Despite of all this, the suit was just simply specific to Acosta and CNN and this is something that could have been happened with anyone. According to the statements of the  network, if such situations are left unchallenged and unchanged, then serious dangers could be created by the actions of the white house administration that would have serious effects over the other elected officials. Sanders pointed out another thing that most of the producers and reporters form the CNN have got their press passes but that’s certainly not the issue for a lot of press defenders and the journalists.


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