Jim Acosta

The heated conversation between Trump and Jim and the decision of administration to restrict him from accessing the White House was not liked by the court as a federal judge ruled in the favor of Acosta. Orders were sent to the Trump administration about restoring the credentials and pass of the journalist, giving him a chance to regain the access to White House.

Seen as a major issue about the press rights under the pressure of Trump government, Timothy J. Kelly, a judge serving in the US District Court in Washington, stated that the White House’s decision of stripping the press card of Mr. Acosta over the reason that he had a heated conversation and a testy conference last week was inappropriate behavior.

Taking a shot at the administration, the judge spoke about the process of stripping the card, stating that the matter “is still so shrouded in mystery that the government could not tell me” about the person that made the decision of restricting the access of Jim Acosta. Speaking further, the judge said that taking away the pass of Mr. Acosta is nothing but violation of the rights to a fair and transparent process.

President Trump was apparently not so pleased with the decision, stating that the White House would tighten the rules regarding the behavior of journalists and how they must comport themselves in the conference rooms.

In his office, the president said that people should learn to obey the rules and regulations and they must behave appropriately because if they won’t then they will end up back in the court and the administration will be victorious.

As for the ruling, it appears to be a prominent success for CNN and a big win for Mr. Acosta too. However, the judge played a decent role by denying the fact that whether the revoking of press pass from the White House was an action of First Amendment issue or not.

Stating that he would like to focus on the nature of this ruling, the judge said that it is not about enshrining the rights of the journalists to access. “I have not determined that the First Amendment was violated here.”

Although it appears to be a big win, the legal battle is likely to proceed as the recent ruling was about the court giving a word straight away in emergency to help restoring the credentials and access of Mr. Acosta to reach the White House.


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