Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Campaign

Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Campaign Keeps N.F.L. Anthem Kneeling in Spotlight

It’s been more than one year for Colin Kaepernick who was the former N.F.L for being out of the job and he has just signed a new deal. He has signed a deal with Nike and he will work as the face of Nike on the 30th anniversary of the campaign of Nike naming ‘Just Do It’. Nike confirmed this deal on Monday. There was a debut Monday on evening about the first advertisement of Nike. Nike is among one of the top partners of the league. This debut was done on Monday afternoon after Kaepernick has tweeted about the first advertisement that was being done by Nike.

That tweet of Colin represented protest movement and his activism against the social injustice and the racism. He has started this campaign to loom over the most power sports league of the country. Nike is going to produce new apparel that which include a T-shirt and a shoe.

Colin Kaepernick tweeted the new Nike advertisement

Kaepernick apparel

It will be Kaepernick apparel and if gets high sales, the deal will get well value as compared to the rivals. Nike had not made the announcements formally but it has planned to donate the money which will they’ll get by the sale of this apparel. Nike will donate the money to the campaign of Kaepernick named as ‘Know your Rights’. The advertisement and the campaign will be coming just a few days before the N.F.L starts and it will start on Thursday. The campaign and the ad are sure to create disturbance among the top executives. Kaepernick on Thursday had won a victory against the league where he accused the league of conspiring to let him off the field due to his activism campaign. Since 2016 summers, there is wave of on-field protests and they have got several levels of intensity.


It all started when Kaepernick started kneeling when the national anthem was being played. Now just a single tweet has got viral on social media and Nike and N.F.L quarterback had settled the world on fire. This trending hashtag is now everywhere on social media and will be a great contribution in the border decrease in the stock market. There was an immediate reaction to the tweet of Kaepernick and almost in no time, Nike and Just Do It were the most used and highly trended terms on all the social media platforms. Till the morning another hashtag got famous and that was Nikeboycott. People posted their pictures and videos by destroying the Nike Apparels.

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