Confetti cake is how Samantha Bee recovered following Brett Kavanaugh’s ‘heartbreaking’ hearings

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was questioned before the Senate Judiciary Committee over the sexual assault allegations regarding the nominee of Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh last Thursday. It was one of the most heart breaking experiences for Samantha Bee since she started hosting the Full Frontal. The celeb, late night comedian, decided to deal with the sadness by having some confetti cake after which she threw it at a cardboard cutout. And the cutout represented none other than the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

Samantha Bee recovers from ‘heartbreaking’ Brett Kavanaugh hearings with confetti cake ~ says EW

“It’s Friday, Sep. 28, and I don’t have a show tonight, but yesterday a bunch of super-powerful white dudes stood up and yelled at rape survivors for messing up their schedules so I needed to either yell into a camera or eat an entire confetti cake. Honestly, I choose both,” Bee said in a video posted online.

As seen in the video, Samantha slams Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake whom, along with many others, she referred to as the ‘shriveled old scrotums’ that were on TV. She said that the all sent a message to the world today that the individual from Ivy League has career ambitions and all of them are more valuable then each and every single female he might have hurt on his way to the glory. The Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, was confronted by the survivors of the sexual assault as he stated that he will vote for Kavanaugh.

Despite all the frustration, Bee sat on a couch with the confetti cake which seemed to be her coping mechanism. In her video, she also appreciated the rage which was present on Alyssa Milano’s face.

It is not only Bee who took apart the authority representatives at Kavanaugh’s hearing. Other late-night show hosts such as Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel also criticized the authorities following hearing and they were also very deep about what happened out there during the session. However, Bee, ending her brief video, stated that one may see the repeat of what happened in 1991 after Anita Hill’s testimony against Clarence Thomas which was also regarding sexual harassment. It was seen as a massive wave of female rage as a notable number of women were swept into office.

Referring to mid-term elections, Bee said that this is going to happen again in the midterm election which will be held in November.



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