Jim Acosta and Trump

Confrontation between Jim Acosta and President Trump builds heat

As the midterm elections proceed and Democrats gained the control of House of Representatives, the frustration of President Trump was visible, apparently a glimpse of what it is like to lose some power that one has.

The CNN representative Jim Acosta came up with a series of tough questions in front of President Trump and the reaction was pretty serious. He asked about the way Republicans ran their campaign and how the caravan of immigrants from Central America was ‘invasion’ to which the response of Trump was notable as he labelled Acosta, who is the chief White House correspondent for CNN, a ‘rude, terrible person.’

Also, the pass to the White House which granted entrance to Acosta in the official building was revoked and the reason was nothing but a few questions he came up with during the session with media.

While the heated argument between the two happened and Trump moved forward with the question, Peter Baker was the person who immediately followed Acosta, defending him and stating that he did worked with Acosta and he is in fact a very good journalist. And the response to Peter Baker was also pretty shocking as Trump said ‘well I am not a big fan of yours either so, to be honest.’

Taking it to the handle of twitter, Peter Baker, who is chief White House correspondent for New York Times, said that “This is something I’ve never seen since I started covering the White House in 1996. Other presidents did not fear tough questioning.”

In an article posted on CNN following the news, they were pretty furious and said that a person who his presidency as if it is a reality TV show should not be given the coverage. The press corps should was out on him, giving him no time on air and cancel the series and programs associated to him, leaving behind the only door of social media which is what such a person deserves.

The tough questioning has been proceeded in the past where presidents were asked some very hard and odd queries and such behavior was never seen. For instance, following the controversial suicide of Dr. David Kelly, who was the weapons inspector of Iraq, Blair was asked by a journalist that if there was ‘blood on your hands’ considering the matter. Rather than responding furiously, he stood there in stony silence and the reporter continued to cover the White House.


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