ryder cup woman case

At the Ryder cup, the tournament of the Golf game a woman in the audience got hit by the golf ball that was there to enjoy the game but got badly injured. Injury was serious and the eye of that woman was badly hurt with the ball. She said that she will take some serious legal actions against the organizing party as they had the sole responsibility for the safety of the audience. She is going to sue them as she says this step might make it sure that such irresponsible act would not happen again with anyone else.

A 49 year old woman named Corine Remande along with her husband named Raphael, was present in the audience of the Golf match of the Ryder cup tournament on 28th of this September. She got hit by the ball of the golf player Brooks Koepka during the event and got seriously injured as her eye got exploded with the golf ball in her right eye. She has completely lost the vision of her right eye and she along with her husband has decided to take serious legal actions against the organization which was responsible for the security of the audience and other players.

The sad woman has asked the question in an interview that how she can live her life now with only one eye. She shared that when the golf ball hit her, her eye was exploded right at that moment and she had lost her vision for the whole life from that sight.

The woman and her husband traveled almost 100 mph for the Ryder cup tournament but who knew this accident will happen. Remande said that the golf ball could have killed her or anyone else if the ball was of a slightly different angle. She said that to ensure this would not happen again in future, she is taking this step to sue that organization who manage and organize these tournaments. This is the way they will keep a check on the security of the audience.

Raphael said that this was the hardest time for me and my wife when she lost her vision completely. According to the doctors, the ball had made a serious damage to my wife’s eye and this damage can never be cured. He said that his wife is still stronger than him.

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