This has been officially announced now that the covergirl is absolutely cruelty free. It has been officially announced that this is actually the biggest make up brand in the world which has received the certification from the elimination of animal testing from each step which is involved in the production process of the products of this brand. This is the move that has continuously been increasingly demanded by the consumers worldwide regarding whatever they eat, wear and drive to unused the environment.

Covergirl Chief Marketing Officer

The chief marketing officer of the Coty Ukonwa Ojo, whose parent company is Covergirl gave a statement in which he said that if they can do something for the compatibility and the size and with their complexity, then every brand could do this. He said that if everyone gets combined, everyone would be getting envision in the cosmetic industry and that the world would ultimately get the rid from unessential animal testing. Well, Coty had got a policy for so long to not conduct the animal testing of the cosmetics but just to obtain the leaping bunny stamp; it had to get the approval from the cruelty free international which is the global brand to have the globally recognized standard- bearer.


It took almost months to spend in the demonstration of the hundreds of its third-party suppliers to make them able to not to perform the testing’s like that especially when they were creating thousands of the ingredients and products of Covergirl. Covergirl has also undergone some independent checks for its supply chain just to meet the CFI’s strict criteria’s. CFI’s CEO, Michelle Thew when was interviewed about it, she said that that process is simply rigorous and that what is said should also be proved. She said that there are a lot of brands who claim that they haven’t conducted any animal testing for the products but not all who claim are right and what they claim is about the completely finished products while the animal testing is normally conduction when the product is still in the production process.

She said that normally those are the relatively smaller brands which try to make themselves cruelty free. She added that what is still being in view is something that has always been demanded by the consumers regarding the cruelty free beauty products especially in the big markets. She said that covergirl being the animal testing free brand would be the turning point for the whole industry.


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