Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds to End with Season 15

Criminal minds is now going to be end after it has completed its 15 seasons and it was a long running crime based drama which was actually renewed for its last seasons and now it has been learned by the reporters that soon its new season is going to be released that would be based on total 10 episodes.

Currently it is on the point to shoot its 15th episode for the 14th season and it would continue its shooting till it completes the remaining episodes which it has announced.  Till 2018 fall, it had been known as the wildly popular series and by that time it had celebrated its 300th episodes.

At that time the executive producer of the show, Erica Messer had talked to the reporters by saying that it is clearly visible to her that how the show would make more 300 episodes in the upcoming time. Messer said that this is the world which contains a lot of stories which are based on the human’s behavior psychology and that psychology has no end..

Paget Brewster about Criminal Mind

As long as world has heroes who are there to keep following the bad guys, it gives her a feeling that her series would go on.  The conclusion of the criminal minds is definitely going to be a bittersweet taste for the cast members and they have had a great growth over last some years.  Paget Brewster had also talked about this saying that they have been genuinely hanging out at the weekends having email and text chains and they enjoy each other.


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