Cristiano Ronaldo Defending Against Rape Accusation Case

Rape Allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo had a rape allegation and after that he first time spoke to the public about it. Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to the public about it by defending himself from this allegation and he seemed to be sure that this Monday truth will come in front of everyone about this case. He is the soccer superstar and he has been accused of rape in the United States. He has been marked with a rape case by Kathryn Mayorga in Nevada that he had raped her in the year 2009 in Las Vegas. Investigation was also opened on Ronaldo upon her request. Peter S. Christiansen, who is the Attorney of Ronaldo, issued a statement on 10th October and denied this allegation which was put by his client.

A news conference was also held at the champion’s league match that was held with the Italian team and Manchester United where Ronaldo said that he would never lie in this situation and he was happy that his lawyers were confident and he himself was too. He said that the most important thing for him is that he enjoys football and he would keep enjoying it for the rest of his life. He was confident and sure that the truth would come out at first.

Previously Ronaldo also confronted the allegations just after the suit against him was filed in an Instagram video which was posted on 3rd October. At that time, in the posted video, he said that allegation to be false and fake. Ronaldo had also branded some documents which he showed to media claiming the rape allegation to be complete fabrication and that the encounter which happened at the penthouse Bedroom of the Las Vegas Hotel was not rape and it was consensual. Mayorga’s attorney has also challenged Ronaldo’s team to prove that the documents which are presented are false.

Ronaldo in the offseason joined Juventus from real Madrid where he score total of five goals in 9 matches for the Italian Championship and since he was accused of rape he had scored two in three matches. He was once asked about his status as the role model of soccer and he said that he knows that he is an example for everyone out there. He said that he is the role model on the pitch and also outside the pitch. He said he is happy and smiling and he feels himself to be blessed enough to be a player of such a fantastic club. He said he had four kids and a happy family. He told them that he is healthy and he’s got everything he’d ever wanted.

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