A crocodile attacked a reptile trainer in front of audience. That was a show in zoo with more than 100 spectators.  The keeper first heard a scream before he could manage himself to get out. He just saw a lot of blood dipping on the tiles. He had no idea what has happened and that was sudden. The whole accident was captured by the camera of a family who had come there for visiting the zoo. Mr. Khun Phuswait had come there with his wife and two children. The show was good overall but when this incident happened, people got frightened. That scene was terrible for everyone present there.

Khun Phuswait who has shot the video, said that he was enjoying everything before this terrible incident happened. He said that he hopes that the injured man is OK now and he also hopes that he will get better soon. The incident was very threatening and shocking for the people present there. They were not expecting anything like that. That seen was so terrible and threatening. The Kids present there in the zoo got really scared. He also said that he has watched the video so many times just to see how it all happened but he didn’t understand anything as the crocodile didn’t seem to have his hand in mouth. He said that things were going normal and crocodile was also in a good mood. That was a sudden accident.

The handler is a 45 year old and his name is Tao. He is an old reptile handler and is an expert in his tasks. He was performing a stunt there in Zoo in front of more than 100 spectators. This incident happened on Sunday. Everything was going fine and suddenly the crocodile jumped over him and took his forearm in mouth. It was good that he was able to free himself soon otherwise it could have been more dangerous. When he got his hand out of the mouth of crocodile, the blood started dripping. According to a report, the owner of the Zoo, Mr. Wittawat said that the person who was injured was given a treatment at the farm and now he is fine.

Mr. Wittawat said that the person had got treatment with bandaging. He also said that the injured reptile handler loves crocodiles and he will start working again. He added that this is really rare to happen again.

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