About 240 years ago George Washington crossed the Valley Forge and the Delaware River so that he could bring a historical victory to the Continental Army. And he did succeed in his mission.

An artist named Emanuel Leutze made the 240 years old painting with George Washington and his fellow crew.

On the other hand, Jon McNaughton who can be said to be a conservative painter, recreated the image into a painting by replacing George Washington and his crew members with Trump and his administration team which included, Nikki Haley who is the U.N. Ambassador, Jim Mattis the Defense Secretory, Ben Carson who is the present Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Jeff Sessions being the Attorney General, Melania Trump being the first lady, Pompeo as he is the Secretary of State, Sarah Sanders the White House Press Secretary, Ivanka Trump who is Donald John Trump’s daughter, Bolton who is the National Security Advisor, Kellyanne Conway and last but not the least John Kelly being the Chief of Staff.

With his painting he wrote a description, “Today, Trump endeavors to cross the ‘swamp’ of Washington, D.C. as he carries the light of truth, hope, and prosperity.”

Jon McNaughton might be inspired by what Donal John Trump said in a Wisconsin campaign in October, 2016, “It is time to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.,” Jon McNaughton also revealed in an interview that the idea “draining the swamp” was always on his mind while he was making the painting but he was not sure whether it will do justice to the depiction.

“The idea of draining the swamp is something I’ve been thinking about but you know to me realistically you’re not going to drain the swamp in a term of a president,” McNaughton said. “This is a process that could take a generation so instead of draining the swamp it made more sense to me to make something crossing the swamp.”

This painting could not hide from the online trolls and soon it was being discussed and gaining hype on social media. People commented things like:

  • “Ben Carson appears to be rowing backwards.”
  • “They are literally rowing in a circle.”
  • “Pretty sure Pruitt took the cruise line route.”
  • “Looks like Jr. didn’t make the boat.”

This shows how cruel social media trolls can be.

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