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Dad creates app that freezes your kids’ phones until they answer your texts

Nick Herbert has given a new and relatively an unusual solution to one of the most usual problems of a lot of parents and this happens especially when their child is passing through his teenage and that is, he stops responding their texts when he is out or he hardly responds to some of them.

He observed that at the time when his son turned at age 12, he gave him some more freedom by requesting him about one thing that he needed to be in contact with the family whenever they ask for it. But the dad was highly disappointed that he used to send various texts to get an update regarding the activities of his son, and his son would hardly reply a text.

Well that was the time when Herbert became so frustrated and he thought of an idea to built an app under the name Reply ASAP which is an application that allows the users so that they are in a mode to send some texts to the specific numbers which couldn’t be ignored by the receiver.

Herbert when was asked regarding this, he told that he in real wanted that he could save an alarm on his son’s phone and this is something in which he had got succeeded in. Herbert said alarm is the only sound on a device that is settled even the device is on its silent mode and it rings usually and this is what he did with the cell phone of his son, he set an alarm but the alarm was a tricky one.

One of his friend helped Herbert in developing that application with the help of which an alarm would start ringing on the device and it would continue to ring unless and until his child had read the sent message by his father and for the parents to use this feature, they and their children must be having this app downloaded on their devices and then they can start sending each other the ASAP messages. This app doesn’t involve any special costs to download it rather it is free to download while for the selction of the packages and the bundles, you have got the choices of price and the price starts from $1.27 and what basically matters is how many people you want to get connected with in this way.



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