Danny McBride indicates towards Halloween’s sequel

The new Halloween film is coming out on Oct 19th and we have to wait till the time to see whether it will be successful or not. It will have to prove itself to justify the sequel. However, considering that will be the case, Danny McBride, the co-writer of the script for the film, together with David Gordon Green and Jeff Fradley, has stated that he possesses some ideas about what the next step should be.

“David and I definitely had some ideas at the beginning of this of what we would do if there was an appetite for it… We have some ideas, so now we’re just sort of exploring them to see if they have enough legs to kind of warrant it. I know that Jason Blum, I bet you he’d be stoked to make some more. I think he’s been on the same mindset we’ve been of, Let’s just wait and see what people think.”

At the start of this year, McBride was seen talking about him and Green having ideas of producing back to back Halloween movies.

According to EW

Talking to EW, McBride stated that they had ideas of shooting back to back movies. However, then they came up to a decision that they won’t go ahead of themselves. So, rather than going for the shoot, they planned that they will release this part and see how people will take it. From there, taking the positive and negatives, and what worked for them and what it was the audience hated, they would think the idea of producing the next one. But they surely have some ideas about where to take the next.

In the movie, Laurie Strode, by Jamie Lee Curtis, will go head to head with Michael Myers, the masked killer. He will receive aid in the mission by 3 females including Karen, the role of her daughter played by Judy Greer, her granddaughter, and Allyson, the role of which is being played by Andi Matichak.

As per the comments of Jamie Lee Curtis, he stated that in the first movie, he was running more as it was planned. However, this part will see him hunting rather than running.

So, the turn of events would certainly bring some more life and interest to the storyline. However, we will have to wait till 19th October to see if the movie is able to capture the hearts of the fans.


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