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David Schwimmer Responds To Blackpool Police Searching For His Lookalike

You might have heard about someone who looks like Ross FROM friends and he is thief and was spotted nicking a beer crate in Blackpool. That post went viral and everyone noticed the thief to be a reference from Friends. But there came a later update where the police also played a part to the joke by commenting thanks for everyone for their speedy comments and the comments showed that the police have investigated thoroughly about that matter and that they have confirmed that David Schwimmer was not actually the thief and at the time when that incident took place, he was in America and the police said that they are sorry for such a misunderstanding. Because of the power of viral age in social media the news has even reached to David Schwimmer who played the role of Ross in the running sitcom. He also tweeted about that saying that he swear to the officers that the thief was not him and he said that everyone could see that he was at New York.

He also wished good luck to the blackpool police for their investigation about the matter. A CCTV was also shared by the blackpolice on the facebook post with the caption asking the people if they recognize the thief in the video and if anyone knows about him or in a relationship with the thief who was found at the Blackpool restaurant on September 20. If anyone knows about that thief, email at 7798@lancashire.pnn.police.uk quoting log LC-20180920-0670.

It was really noticeable that how within no time almost; the posts and the comments went viral about that photo which replaced the actual character present there. One person in a comment wrote that there could be no more resemblance than Ross. Another person wrote that he clearly stole the cans when the security guards at the shop were on the break. There was another comment saying that it was a bit difficult for the thief as the guard was on the break and he ate the sandwich and now when he wants to drink something things went wrong. Another one wrote that layoff him and if you didn’t fast it means that you haven’t eaten anything. There was another tweet which said that the picture should be approached with the caution.

That image has now reached the states and there is no long time left for Ross-look alike to get caught by the police.



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