girls death in escape room in poland

Yesterday in Poland, five girls had been celebrating a birthday party in the escape room venue where they all died due to the fire breakage inside there. The fire braze had started when all those girls were on their visit at the attrations in the Koszalin city where the fire had been the reason for the death of five girls and a 25 year old man had been severely injured.

The youngsters have got badly perished in that fire and according to the current reports, the fire is supposed to be started on Friday near about 5pm local time in afternoon. Right now, no one is completely sure about the medical situation of the injured man.

The authorities are still failed to know the actual reason behind that breakage of fire but one thing now is surely known that this tragic incident of fire would surely be going to cause a severe safety and health threat in the country and in every escape room there so high security treatments are needed to be done.  Joachim Brudzinski who is the interior minister had told the news reports that the girls who had been the victim of that fire were all 15 years aged girls.

In a tweet also, Brudzinski shared his condolences where he said that he wanted to express his regrets and sympathies for the families of those fire victims.  That has been followed by the statement which was made by a fire spokesman Tomasz Kubiak and he is the one to confirm and announce the deaths of five girls and he said that one man had been burnt severely and he now is on intense care unit.

He also had said that the dead bodies of all five girls were found completely burnt in the room near fire. Well there are also some unofficial news which said that all those girls have been died because of carbon monoxide asphyxiation and that is announced as a severe tragedy when he condolence for the death of young girls. 

He made his statements in a written form stating that this scenario was a tragedy in Koszalin and the young girls were entering in the newer phase of life and at that time they’ve torn out of their lives. He said sad and sympathized words for the families of the death girls.

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