Pope Francis of Roman Catholic Church, a known personality to many Catholic people, has declared any kind of death penalty inappropriate and a wrong way in every case. This is a huge turning point for the Catholic judges, politicians, and officials who believed that their Roman Catholic Church does not utterly clash with the capital punishment.

Before this movement, as per the church policy death policy was acceptable and it was considered the only workable way in order to save and defend lives. This was the justification for the capital punishment by Catholics in many cases. But now things are changing, and the famous Pope Francis of Roman Catholic Church has announced to start a movement to oppose the death penalty punishment and to consider the capital punishment as an inappropriate act to save lives. He says that executions cannot be accepted in any case as the death penalty is an attack on the dignity of human beings. Apart from this on Thursday, he announced that the Roman Catholic Church would work with the determination to start this movement with the aim of abolishing capital punishment from overall the world.

Pope Francis has added this change in the Roman Catholic Church’s Catechism, a holy book of doctrine for the Catholics which is taught worldwide to the Catholic children and it was majorly studied by the adults who visit the church and have a membership of about 1.2 million people. This book is an essential book for the Catholics as it provides them the guidelines on how to live a better life. However, this movement will bring a significant change in the beliefs of the Catholics.

This is not the first time that Francis has shown his interest in the matters where human dignity is concerned. It was his top priority to abolish the capital punishment of death penalty. He has also worked and raised voice for the matters like safe and better environment and treating the refugees or immigrants with care.

According to Amnesty International, before this movement was started by Pope Francis, a majority of the Catholic population have banned this death penalty including the Catholic nations of Latin America and Europe.

While the majority of Catholics in the United States is in favour of the death penalty and they, support the capital punishment. So, for them, this change in Catechism doctrine will hit them the hardest. For them, the pro-life movement is ending abortion, and they are focused on this movement.

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